Malice in Wonderland Prequel (Malice in Wonderland 0) by Lotus Rose

Malice in Wonderland Prequel (Malice in Wonderland Series Book 0) - Lotus Rose

I'm so on the fence about this book. I liked it however it was very confusing to read. It jumps all around with each chapter one chapter Alice is 7 then she's 12 then she's 8 then she's 7 again and then she's 9 back to 7 or 8 then 11. None of the chapters go together. My assumption is it's meant to be this way and if you read book #1 before you read the prequel then it makes sense. I am still very interested in reading book 1 "Malice in Wonderland: Alice the Assassin." And then all the information given in this book, which was great, will all fall into place.